Breaking Rules

While scrolling through various social groups recently on the internet, I came across a discussion about the rules of writing and grammar.

· Do they restrict a writer’s voice?

· Do they inhibit creativity?

· As writers should we break them?

· Since we no longer follow the…

More Than a Crooked Letter at the End of the Alphabet.

My characters come to me first. I see them in the periphery of my mind, fully formed in period dress. They are in the middle of doing or saying something.

In my most recent novel I saw my heroine tackle an orderly in the middle of a Civil War hospital…

How to Create Tension in Your Story

It has often been said that what a writer needs to do is put their main character in a tree and throw rocks at him. Obstacles create conflict. They make it hard for the main character to reach their goal. Sometimes writers like…

9 Rules for Writing Historical Fiction

Readers of historical fiction choose those novels not only to join a character on a journey, but to be transported to another time. They want to experience that life: the sights, sounds, and smells of a by-gone era. …

Kathy Otten

Bio: Kathy Otten is the published author of multiple historical romance novels, novellas, and short stories. She is a workshop presenter and free-lance editor.

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